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When we speak, we do not only exchange information but also express the way we experience the world in our own and deeply personal way. Very often our perception is influenced by culture or our immediate environment, and other times it is past experiences which shape the way we think and feel about something.

Localization – the process of adapting a product or service for a particular country or area – takes all this and much more into consideration. During localization, a translator – a professional with years of training and personal experiences in both cultures – transfers the information from the source in a way the target audience can not only comprehend but also emotionally connect to it.

It is known that a picture – or style for that matter – is worth a thousand words. The way we dress, consume and ultimately live our lives underlines a certain image we would like the world to see. The way we present ourselves matters more than ever before – and why would we want to do this in any other than our own language?

How are consumers supposed to trust your brand when they cannot understand and ultimately connect with its core values? Localizing your products for a new market allows your brand to truly become a part of peoples lives, not only to satisfy their material needs but also by allowing them to turn the world into a better place.

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